We hope that as we take some time together to explain a little about what God is doing through us, it will be both useful and informative to you.

According to our trust document, The Assemblies of God (Otorohanga) Church was founded in 1985. It was originally a church in its own right, but in the 1990’s, as membership declined; it became a cell church under the “Waitomo Christian Fellowship” in Te Kuiti. By that time it had assumed the name “Otorohanga Christian Fellowship”. The congregation purchased a new building and determined to re-establish the fellowship, installing a full time pastor in January 2001. We are still affiliated to Assemblies of God New Zealand (Inc.).

Things started to happen, the church started growing, and the name was changed to “Harvest Christian Fellowship”, as a part of the vision that God was giving us.

In Early 2005, we embarked on an ambitious project to impact our community. We established a second trust (Harvest Centre Trust) as a fund raising vehicle, and set about establishing a community and youth centre which would double as our church, but would be available for all of Otorohanga.

Our church ministry is focused on spirit, soul and body (1Thess. 5:23) to enable people to live their life's calling.